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 Home    Break the routine of your day-to-day with these tips that will advance your real estate career while keeping your schedule fresh and exciting.

When you need a change of pace, here are some ways to advance your real estate career without feeling trapped in day-to-day monotony. Other times, a change in the usual is forced upon with a snow day or a sick child. No matter what, these tips will keep you productive while you break the routine of your normal schedule!
Clear the Pipeline. No matter how diligent you are, some quality leads will slip through the cracks, especially when you have a great service like HouseHunt. Even if they’re old contacts, go ahead and touch base.
Schedule Out. Surf the web for interesting news stories about the industry, and share them on social media. Schedule posts for weeks out!
Make a Graphic. Use your creativity to make visual marketing materials, infographics, and other resources.
Go to a Preview. Previews are an opportunity to network with other realty professionals, see what’s on the market, and get of the house for some free food!
Read Some Wisdom. Clear some time in your schedule to be inspired by published professionals in your field.
Find a Certification. Check out Hubspot, Microsoft, Inman, and more for real estate or marketing certifications you can earn for free online and then advertise on your own site.
Meet With Old Clients. Treat a former client to lunch or coffee. It’ll be a change of pace for you and will ensure positive word of mouth.
Find a New Spot. Sometimes doing the same work in a fresh, new spot can make all the difference. Go to a park! Go to a coffee shop! Mix it up.
Productivity Tips. Take a break from looking at your computer screen every 20 minutes.Don’t start your day by checking e-mail.Go outside on your breaks.
Eat the frog, as they say. Start your day with the most dreaded tasks on your to-do list.Stay hydrated throughout the day to help you focus. Turn push notifications off your phone.

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