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1. Dominate a farm area
“Dominating a farm area is the key. I dominate the area I live in. I can do so much more because my listing portfolio is mostly within a 10-mile radius.”

2. Build clients for life
“I have built my career one client for life at a time, so I spend a fraction of what most agents do acquiring new business. This is the hardest ingredient of my recipe for success, because it takes time – decades in my case.3. Build relationships with the top Realtors in the same farm

4. Do not take on unrealistic clients who eat your time and resources
“I refuse to take an overpriced listing; it will eat time and resources. I always leave unrealistic sellers with one request: If a competing Realtor claims he or she can do better and outperform me, give them three months and don’t reduce your price. If you’re still on the market after that, give me the listing and we’ll sell the home. I get a lot of 90-day-old listings, and by that time the sellers are more realistic.

5. LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Otherwise, why do it?
“You have to love what you do. If it feels like a job, you will never endure the grind. You also need an amazing, understanding family. #life #live #portfolio #domination #listing #tips

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